Clean Out and Repair Your Smaller Equipment

Turn to us for handheld equipment maintenance

Small handheld equipment is great for cleaning up hard-to-reach places, but frequent use will eventually cause problems. Equipment like trimmers and weed eaters can get debris stuck inside of them, making them seem broken when they really just need cleaning.

Count on Small Engine Titans to make your equipment work correctly again. We'll disassemble your tools, thoroughly inspect each part, then reassemble then once they're clean.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our maintenance process.

How to tell if you equipment needs to be cleaned

How to tell if you equipment needs to be cleaned

One of the most common causes of handheld equipment malfunctions is dirt getting stuck in the carburetor. You need cleaning services if:

  • Your equipment won't start
  • Your engine is misfiring
  • Your equipment isn't running efficiently

We'll make you aware of any other issues we find during the cleaning process. Call us today at 605-213-2008 to speak with a professional about our handheld equipment cleaning service.